Open Source Status Report 202002


On 03.02.2020 I released Profanity 0.8.0. It contains 315 commits since 0.7.0. Eighty issues got closed.

So the website needed to be updated with the new tarballs and other information. A blogpost describing the new release got written.

And the openSUSE package got updated as the first distribution of course ;)

mdosch created his authors page for the Profanity blog which needed to get merged. And he and pep reviewed the 0.8.0 blogpost. Thanks guys!

I tweeted about Profanitys new release 0.8.0, which is 8 years after the first commit, to spread the word.

Answering funny random user questions also is part of the job.

optmzr decided to implement sending OMEMO encrypted files in Profanity. Until this is done we disabled sending files when in an OMEMO session by default. But just disabling it doesn’t really make sense so I made it a setting and expanded it to OTR and PGP encrypted sessions too.

paulfariello found a segfault which happens when /occupants color on is set under some circumstances.

After a couple of issues were found in 0.8.0 it was time to release 0.8.1 on February 7th. So updating the openSUSE and website etc again.

A HardenedBSD user needed some help getting Profanity to compile.

A often asked for feature in our MUC is XEP-0308: Last Message Correction. So on SUSE Hackweek I started to work on that feature and later wrote a blogpost about it.

Profanity only sent delivery receipts if the user has enabled the setting (makes sense) and the other client advertises to support the feature. This doesn’t make much sense in the modern XMPP world anymore so I changed that.

We had to deal with a discussion by a very uninformed user.

The famous Neustradamus notified about clients deciding on using 12 byte IV for OMEMO. We decrypt both 12 and 16 but send 12 bytes now too.

optmzr wanted to add CI for the Profanity repo so that we can test builds on BSD too, which is an excellent idea. He did all the work I just needed to inform myself about the choices. We didn’t like the permissions it required. Other people discovered that before so I commented on their tracker. Our solution was that optmzr pulls from the official Profanity repo regularly via a script and let’s run on that forked repository. Later a badge was added to our README.

Another pleasure was read another ungrateful comment in libsrophe which demanded an answer.

So far the MUC history got colored greyish. Holger mentioned that he finds this strange. Which I totally agree to, so this had to be changed. People can now use a setting to have it colored like regular (new) messages.




New gcc and compiler settings on Tumbleweed warns me about an unused variable. Updating the package to fix the build.


I investigated a build failulre of wlroots for openSUSE Tumbleweed only to discover that its a meson regression so there is nothing I can do but wait.


Waybar 0.9.1 got released. Unfortunately it uses some library that is not shipped with it.


I fixed a bug in LXQt on openSUSE where the Icons weren’t shown in YaST anymore.


Additionally there were plenty of reviews of packages for openSUSE Tumbleweed and future Leap 15.2.