Panini AppImage

Couple of weeks ago someone messaged me trying to compile an old Qt program called panini. He wanted to use to use it as an image viewer for 360 degree pictures, but couldn’t get it to built.

The project was on Sourceforge, I looked at it and told him what to do. Later also messaged the author, who said he has no interest in developing panini any further. After asking him if I can create a new home for the project he agreed.

Panini is available on GitHub now. I ported it to Qt5, fixed some memory leaks, build system issues and other minor stuff and released a new version: 0.72.0.

Thanks to OBS I can ship packages for CentOS, RedHat, Fedora, SLE and openSUSE with no hassle at all. I also plan to submit panini to the official openSUSE repos. And I created my first AppImage (also with the help of OBS) that can be used on any Linux distro.


This is panini displaying this 360 degree picture from Wikipedia.