I'm Michael.

I enjoy working in teams and communities, thus spending a lot of my time developing Free Software.

Being an openSUSE member, I also maintain(ed) packages in Debian, Gentoo, Funtoo, Yocto and Buildroot.

I'm a member of the LXQt Desktop environment team and maintain it on openSUSE, but on most systems use GNOME myself.

Some projects that I maintain:

Some projects that I co-maintain:

In openSUSE I currently maintain ~150 packages. While contributing to many others as well.

The most popular ones probably are: shadow, powertop, jasper, unixODBC. Many XMPP related things like libstrophe, profanity, dino, prosody. X11 tools like awesomewm, arandr, tint, WindowMaker, herbstluftwm, fvwm. Wayland related ones like: sway, cage, waybar.

Being part of the openSUSEway project and reviewer for many development projects to check packages before they go into the official repository.

You can see more of my open source contributions here.