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Apr. 27, 2022

Installing openSUSE the hard way

Sometimes I encounter people who don’t like installers. They claim when installing a Linux distribution like Gentoo or Arch they learn more. Well, this certainly could be the case. But I’d argue that most people just follow the install guide/wiki. So for some people this is just an exercise in copy-pasting and adapting minor things. Others will dive deep though. No doubt. In any case the assumption that only a disribution like Arch can give you this learning experience is flawed.

Jun. 9, 2020

Profanity 0.9.0 release

Today we released Profanity XMPP client 0.9.0. I wrote a blogpost over at the Profanity blog.

May. 26, 2020

Open Source Status Report 202002

profanity On 03.02.2020 I released Profanity 0.8.0. It contains 315 commits since 0.7.0. Eighty issues got closed. So the website needed to be updated with the new tarballs and other information. A blogpost describing the new release got written. And the openSUSE package got updated as the first distribution of course ;) mdosch created his authors page for the Profanity blog which needed to get merged. And he and pep reviewed the 0.

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